Donation to Red Cross


Nasoya Shondell Chapman


agosto 20, 2011


The Red Cross

Personas impactadas



To provide service to humanity and to market the image of JCI Guyana

Visión general

JCI Guyana Members and Prospective Members put together clothing to donate to the Red Cross Society, the clothing will be distributed to the less fortunate by the Red Cross Society when the need arises.


I recommend that we not only use the News Paper to publish these community projects but also the Radio, Television etc which will help to create an awareness of what JCI is doing around the world.


This community project was successfully executed. The media was present at the execution of this project, this community project was published in the Guyana Times News Paper.

Apoye nuestro impacto! Las donaciones nos ayudan a sostener numerosos proyectos nacionales e internacionales que contribuyen a entrenar, desarrollar y sostener cambio positivo alrededor del mundo