JCI MUAR 827 Peace Is Possible Fun Run 2.0


Viviane Tong


From abril 7 to agosto 27, 2017


Parents & Children (6-12 Years old) and Communities of Muar

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Paz y Justicia

Estado de desarrollo

Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


1. To promote peace, justice and humanity to local communities and from family basis;
2. To increase health awareness and to encourage family bonding, which ultimately lead to sustainable communities

Visión general

JCI has officially launched to promote Peace Is Possible Campaign together with United Nations in 2016. The Peace is Possible campaign mobilizes young people worldwide to create awareness, advocate, take action and commit to an everlasting world peace.

In alliance with JCI, JCI Muar had successfully promoted Peace Is Possible via organizing the first Peace Is Possible Fun Run in October 2016 and had successfully organized the Peace Is Possible Fun Run 2.0. However, JCI Muar has made this Peace Is Possible Fun Run 2.0 different from previous year, where the category of Peace is Possible was designed based on individual and family basis. We believe a world of peace can be initiated by individual as well as rendering the children and parents from family basis.

Peace Is Possible Fun Run create positive impact and health awareness in local communities. More than 300 participants participated in Peace Is Possible Fun Run 2.0 with the support from all kinds.

1) Young active citizens stand out for action;
2) Make positive impact to Muar communities, promote health awareness and family bonding;


Event faced challenges when raining started since 4am in the morning and continued until the event finished. Raining has caused quite some participants absent, we have more than 300 participants of different ethnicity participated in this Peace Is Possible Fun Run 2.0. This event was fully supported by Dato Ashari Bin Md. Sarip, who is the Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Muar, remained his attendance for both flag off and closing ceremony. Participants decided to run for peace in the raining regardless. Participants feedback to have formed stronger bonding between friends and families through such an interesting program where they have to participate in some small activities that promoting Peace Is Possible. Guest of Honor praised for the commitment done by JCI Muar to the communities and express the willingness to continue their supports. Developed very good relationship with governmental bodies, local communities and successfully nurtured for future relationship. Increased significantly the public awareness of our local organization. Last but not least, event has successfully developed members’ capability and individual skills as well as form stronger bonding and teamwork within LO, creating fun memories.


1. To make this as Muar Flagship Project and hosted by JCI Muar;
2. To standby raincoat for participants in the future regardless;

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