Best Employee And Employer Award


Koon Hung Lin


From enero 1 to agosto 11, 2017


The Hong Kong employees and employers

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

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Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


λ Promote the message to encourage collaborative relationship between employees and employers,
λ Create decent recognition to employers and employees to cross-industrial level
λ Praise exemplary corporates and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and their outstanding employees.
λ Encourage local organizations to be the pioneer of promoting harmony workplace to their member companies.
λ Encourage citizens to create positive changes into organizations that can carry effective impacts into a sustainable working place benefiting harmonization for the society

λ Provide a benchmark to different cultivate future leaders of the entrepreneur to increase social awareness of teamwork and recognitions within organizations

λ Promote principals and elements of Corporate Social Responsibility
λ Increase involvements of volunteering and give-back culture within small and medium size organizations

λ Integrate opportunities from different industries to form a network of passionate individuals and active organizations

λ Treasure individual personality, responsibility and creativity in workplaces to formulate training and development role models for different industries
λ Encourage dialogues and communications between employers and employees
λ Encourage collaborative relationship between employees and employers obviously Hong Kong employees and employers are the key audience of our project.

Visión general

This is the third year JCI Dragon is hosting the Best Employee and Employer Award (BEEA) to encourage dialogues and communications between employers and employees. The first stage is to design the theme: To lengthen a sustainable impact must put “positive efforts to drive better communications and sustainable growth.” And ‘Hong Kong as a decent work place for all’.

By referring to an academic research report published by The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013, the BEEA project further enriched our objective of this project to an in-depth discussion on whether Hong Kong is a decent place to work comparing to the relationship between employees and employers in nowadays working environment and to those 10 years ago. Flourish discussions initiated by representatives from supporting organizations of first year and the hot topic have been reported by over 5 local media to raise the awareness of the Award at the opening stage.

Actions Taken

Award Day
Judging Day
Opening Ceremony


Magnificent efforts in integrating more than 500 participants from board ranges of working industries and employment and social backgrounds to join the awarding ceremony to celebrate and recognize our award in defining the genuine Best Employees and Employers to the society.

In more specific details, following are the summary of results we achieved this year:

1. NowTV commercial air time to promote workplace harmony message to greater general publics.
2. 100 participants have presented their brand value and commit their social responsibility whilst nominating their organization and employees
3. 20 semi-finalists have demonstrated their commitment of sustainable support to their workforce of over 80,000 
4. The judge panel selected from the 23 supporting organizations has proactively promoted the value of BEEA campaign in promoting harmonization and recognition between employee and employer to their member of over 1,000,000 populations. 2 judges from past years volunteered to be our judge before our invitation.
5. 18 leading business associations have committed their continuous support and become the future project partners for the campaign.
6. Over 2 million populations realized the impact of the purpose and process of this campaign through more than 15 media coverages including newspapers (Oriental Daily 東方日報, Metro Daily都市日報, HKET 經濟日報, Wenweipo 文匯報, Takungpao大公報), magazines (MetroPOP, Topicks), radios (MetroRadio 新城知訊台), bloggers, and major local TV broadcasts (TVB, NowTV).
7. 10 active citizens including one foreigner employee have been recognized as the Best Employees and Employers as our final Prize winners.
8. Government officials from Labour Department and the Labour and Welfare Bureau determinedly support BEEA for consecutive the third year.
9. Collaboration with Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association the third year and they agreed to continue supporting BEEA for the fourth year.
10. 6 awardees and 2 participants of this year agreed to apply for next year BEEA.
11. Industrial-wide recognized the representatives of 7 outstanding awarding wining small and medium size organizations and 4 local employees.
12. Promoted their positive impacts to a wide range of 30 industries have been through more than 15 media coverages including newspapers, magazines, radios, bloggers, and two major local TV broadcasts to regional level which has spread workplace harmony message over 2 million general publics.
13. Promote workplace harmony message at Newly NowTV commercial air time
14. Promote awardees as a complement to their greatest effort on maintaining harmony workplace.
15. JCI Dragon itself has gained very positive exposure of NowTV air commercial time
16. Successfully trained up strong bonding among OC members. 3 out of OC members will join 2018 JCI Dragon board for the first time after BEEA project
17. Supporting organizations have successfully credited with positive image towards support of harmony workplace environment.
18. Judges has been amazed on how companies retain their employee and how employees act as the best in real-life. Our head judge, the Former Chairman of Hong Kong Legislative Council Mr. Jasper Tsang (曾鈺成) GBM, JP described the events as “very meaningful” to him as he has been receiving negative complaints to workplace relationship during his tenure as the Chairman of Hong Kong Legislative Council. This is his first time to witness positive, harmony and touching real-life examples of employee and employer relationship.
19. In addition, 4 participants are awarded best employee and employer in consecutively two years that they are actively engaging sustainable workplace harmony.

The campaign has successfully built another milestone in promoting the main purpose of this project and united a significant number of employees and employers in organizations across 30 leading business industries, this brand will certainly enlarge the impact and obtain sustainable growth in the economics to all local business in 18 districts in Hong Kong.


λ Should continue to aim at a sustainable project aiming to provide continuous support to the small and medium size enterprises in Hong Kong 
λ Enhance the number of member in supporting organizations to over 100,000 members
λ Made aware of positive message in creating a collaborative entrepreneurial culture and enhancing business awareness within their organizations.
λ Design a more effective plan for promoting culture and caring people which are the key elements in a challenging environment with high turnover rates across industries and lack of employees with long commitments
λ Look for a stronger support from the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association
λ Make a more sustainable strategic cooperation in the future
λ Enhance corporate reputation and social awareness for positive changes.
λ Promote the election campaign as a mutual standard as a benchmark to judge and adjust the communication and relationship for cohesive culture between employees and employers within all industry sectors
λ Invite more small and medium size businesses involved in this project (the market share of small and medium size business have gained nearly 90 percent of all local orientated organizations. 95% of the participants in this project are small and medium size enterprises.)
λ Well prepare a long-term promotion package in the future to an extensive level to all business sectors
λ Focus more on a more in terms of business sectors and sizes.
λ Attract more enterprises by strengthening the promotion to a boarder range of products and services
λ Create a regional network of social responsible and active enterprise in Hong Kong.

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