HACK-IT-ON: Starting from Zero


Eman Mifsud


From noviembre 11 to 12, 2016


Potential Members, Current Members, Anyone interested in developing or implementing a business idea

Personas impactadas



Because we are trying it


JCI Malta ran a start-up business bootcamp to empower young people to start their business.

Visión general

The theme of ‘Activate the (Entre)Preneur in you!’ The training provided attendees with a range of training on skills that are required in order to become a successful entrepreneur. A number of successful leaders and professionals from the business sector took part in this event over the weekend and shared their first hand experiences of their journey in becoming successful ‘Preneurs’!

Some of the important skills that help actualise a business idea for execution were explored. The skills include:
1) Acquiring the Magic Beans: Starting from Zero
2) The Owl in the Forest: Identifying your Customer
3) Snow White and the Apple: Will it sell?
4) Making the Fairy Tale come true: Pitching your Idea

The participants were not expected to bring any business ideas with them as they were provided a theme and the participants will have the time to come up with their business solution.


The concise delivery of information over 1.5 days was received well attracting people with different backgrounds. It was evident that such boot camps have a good uptake as participants are interested to know more about the subject. The majority of the participants have aspirations to make use of the knowledge that they learnt in this bootcamp.


JCI Malta managed to engage three participates to become active members from this project while all the other participants have since requested to receive correspondence about events being organised. Follow-up project is planned to continue to engage the members interested in this sector.

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