2017 We Love Schooling


Vincent Wong


From septiembre 1, 2016 to agosto 31, 2017


To provide a safe and reliable educational environment for under privileged students in rural areas of Yijiang, Guizhou

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To promote and enhance peace through long term commitment to improve the quality of education for children in Yinjiang, Guizhou with corporate partnership and fundraising

Visión general

In recent years, cultural and political differences have created great tension and misunderstanding between the people of China and Hong Kong. Leading to countless verbal and physical confrontations that have severely damaged our relationships. JCI Peninsula intend to build on our long-term flagship project “We Love Schooling” to help to bridge the cultural differences through the promotion of love.
The almost impassable mountain terrain and rainy climate have not only made Guizhou Province to be one of the poorest provinces in China, but also made going to school a tough and long journey. With over 95% of the population employed as agricultural workers, over 400,000 children do not have the chance to go to school. Even if they are enrolled in school, attendance requires as much as a 1-3 hour daily. Most of these suburban schools were built decades ago and the buildings have deteriorated badly due to poor maintenance, causing accidents to happen often especially during and following natural disasters (such as earthquakes and snow storms). This fragile and vulnerable school infrastructure poses dangers to the students and this situation requires urgent improvement.
JCI Peninsula has been contributing to the development of children’s educational welfare in China since 1999. Our mission to help these underprivileged students has been passing between our members for 18 years.

Actions Taken

1. Sept 2016 • Planning and Preparation of We Love Schooling Guizhou Trip 2016. • Thousands of mini-toys and stationery supplies were donated by JC members, friends and supporting organizations prior to the visit and were given to primary students during school visits in China. • An USB rechargeable torch was given to the students to help with insufficient lighting in rural areas and to protect the children’s eyesight during studies. 2. Oct 2016 • We Love Schooling Guizhou Trip 2016 • 20 participants led by President Oliver To visited 5 primary schools and 2 secondary schools • Assistance Funds and Study Bonus were presented to students during the visit • Delivered and distributed the prepared gifts to students • Over 500 students participated in designing and making of the artwork for Chinese New Year red packet 3. Nov 2016 • Planned of Chinese New Year (CNY) Red Packet Fund Raising • Searched for sponsors and supporting organizations • Discussed with art schools for designs on CNY red packets • Selected 4 marvelous drawings of Ng’s Art Studio and 6 drawings of Guizhou students to become the new design of Red Packets •Designed and produced new 3D CNY Fai Chun (揮春) for fund raising • Added a stuffed doll chicken as a new product for the year of Chicken 4. Jan - Feb 2017 • CNY Red Packets Fund Raising among LOMs, especially at LOM Inauguration Ceremonies and to families and friends • Submit proposal to HKJC Foundation for sponsoring the travelling costs of 4 University Students from HK to join our tour in Oct. 2017. 5. Mar 2017 • CNY Red Packet Fund Raising – presentation of Certificate of Appreciation Ceremony at JCI Peninsula Monthly Fellowship Gathering • Certificate of Appreciation presented to the artists; outstanding supporters and donors 6. Apr – Jul 2017 • Planning and Preparation for further development in Guizhou • Meeting with Walton International Group, to explore further developments in HKPJC Walton International Group Ltd. Ban Xi Primary School (香港半島青商和頓國際集團板溪鎮小學). 7. Aug 2017 • Planning and Preparation for We Love Schooling Guizhou Trip 2017


1. Offering a showcase in an MTR station with daily traffic of over 100,000 people, promoting the impact of our project while opening a window for the public to experience China’s rural area student’s way of life.
2. Star Ferry: Similar to MTR, 50,000 people daily traffic.
3. Through promotion on Metro Info Radio station, reached over 450,000 people
4. Successfully raised a total sum of USD19,000 for the school project in 2016.
5. USD19,000 cash sponsorship by Walton International Group Ltd and The total is used to rebuild a primary school at Yinjiang, Guizhou, China, namely HKPJC Walton International Group Ltd. Ban Xi Primary School (香港半島青商和頓國際集團板溪鎮小學). The school is to be rebuilt as a fully equipped and safe educational environment for over 400 children. Together with the existing school site, the whole development will be able to offer a safe education environment for over 1,000 children each year.
6. USD13,000 was allocated to We Love Schooling Education Assistance Program funding more than 500 poor children to receive further education
7. USD6000 was allocated to We Love Schooling Scholarship Program as Study Bonus to over 300 outstanding students.
8. With support from HKJC Foundation Fund, financed the travelling costs for 4 City University Students to accompany PJC Members for the upcoming tour in 2017 and establish a crucial communication channel that enhances understanding and inspire SYMPATHY
9. This project is comprised of 4 key activities listed below:
• We Love Schooling Guizhou Visit Tour 2016
• Red Packets Fund Raising for We Love Schooling 2017
• Mainland Affairs Monthly Fellowship Meeting
• Promotion of project to enhance public awareness
10. Over 15 organizations such as Ng’s Art School, MTR Corporation Limited, and Walton International Group have supported this project.
11. The project offered valuable training opportunities for JC members through their participation in the execution of the project. Throughout the project, members had fully demonstrated passion, team spirit, love and care to mankind.


1. To expand the reach of the project to the public through a combination of mass, outdoor and social media (e.g. website, Facebook, newspaper, MTR Art Gallery and Star Ferry Central and Tsim Sha Tsui Pier)
2. To invite more sponsors to contribute to this meaningful project and to promote understanding of the challenging situation facing children in rural areas of China.
3. Explore opportunities to work closer with Education Bureau in China.
4. To introduce this project to children in Hong Kong through school visits and to organize public fund-raising events. To allow children in Hong Kong to realize they are so fortunate with what they have as compared to children in China.
5. To provide an opportunity for Hong Kong children to contribute and actively participate in the future.
6. To continue the program since 1999 which has now been supporting over 10,000 students from various schools.
7. To continue spreading our love by building more primary and secondary schools in China to accommodate more under-privileged children.
8. To gain more support and resources from JCI so JCI will organize more UNMDF projects to create positive changes over the world.

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