Young Seeds in Hong Kong 2017


Pui Ying Rachel Ng


From febrero 25 to agosto 14, 2017


Children who relocate to Hong Kong

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Children who relocate to Hong Kong face numerous challenges, This Program helps them to equip them through a series of interactive experience activities to review and consolidate what children learn. Lay the foundation for their future, become the future leader.

Visión general

There are 11 events were launched from February to August 2017, to ensure JCI Value, Mission and Vision are promoted via each events and our member are benefited too. We co-hosted with New Home Association (新家園協會)and House of Learning (腦之家), both are non-government organization and caring about the new arrivals and ethnic minorities by helping them integrate into the Hong Kong society.

For Business: Monetary Sponsor: General international al Agency Limited, Promotion Sponsor: Mass Transit Railway (MTR), Training Sponsor: LSP Plus Training Company, Training Sponsor: Hong Kong Curling Academy, Material Sponsor: P & C Toys Limited.

For Society:Venue Sponsor: Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School, Support organization: United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization, Support organization: The Outstanding young persons’ Association(TOYPA)( 傑出青年協會) Support organization: Children of Deaf Adults Hong Kong Limited (香港聾人子女協)


For Internal/JCI Participants: Over than 80% of our chapter’s members, which includes Past National Presidents, Out chapter’s past president, 100% Excom members, 70% board of directors, senior members, full members, prospective members, pre-prospective members, relatives and friends.

For External Participants:Around 200 children whom are aged 7-13 were joined the program, Around 3,000 people viewed the message of our project in Social, media such as Facebook and website, Over 100,000 people viewed our project which display in MTR Central
Station and MTR Admiralty Station community connect showcase.


Motivated our member’s Active citizens showing positive changes.It is a valuable opportunity for us to start-up a project with active citizens’ framework, with on going process: ANALYSE, EXECUTIVE, REVIEW and DEVELOP, so that we can make further contribution to formulated sustainable solutions for the peace, prosperity and sustainability.

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