Circle Care


Fiona Bar


From marzo 25 to agosto 6, 2017


Working Women, Corporates

Población objetivo


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

Estado de desarrollo

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To encourage working women to strive a balance between work, family and social development.

Visión general

A project can arouse public awareness of WORK LIFE BALANCE of Working Women. We focus in two dimensions, promoting and letting women to experience work-life-balance in their life, a balance including career development, learning and hobbies and contribution to society, on the other hand arousing awareness in business sector.
The program Connects All Community Stakeholders, Empower Community Young Leaders, Unite Active Citizens and build an Impactful Local organization. It also echo the population policy of the Government which encouraging more Human Power to the society.

Actions Taken

Circle Care Global Declaration for enterprises
Survey on Hong Kong Women’s lifestyle and life satisfaction
Joined promotion with corporations through Facebook games which arouse the awareness of women issue
A series of four activities are designed which is fit to women’s need based on survey result


1) We conducted a survey related to Women’s life style and live satisfaction and received more than 1000 responses. The survey result is announced and attracted media interview and report, including Oriental Daily, Apple Daily,, Sing Tao Daily, TVB news, Yahoo news and even press in Canada. We successfully let the local resident and oversea people know about the situation of women in Hong Kong, the survey result is also an important index for the Government, corporations and other organizations to plan related action for women.

2) We held a series of five facebook games campaign with our sponsoring company to promote Circle Care in online world, which is the first timer to have such crossover in JCI HK. The game is not for fun only but also bring positive message to all participants and facebook users. As a result, Circle Care fan page is reached by 8000+ audiences and gained 1000+ “Like”, with over 300 participants and 19 winners. Our fan page reached a 300% growth in number of follower.

3) We received over 500 signed Declarations from enterprises including HK famous brand such as Saint Honore Cake Shop Ltd. and Baby Kingdom, and global enterprises such as, Inc. (listed company in U.S.A), Monsoon Accessorize Limited (with 1000+ stores in Hong Kong and world-wide), Mini Melts USA, Inc. (well-known brand of ice-cream), ROYCE’ Confect Co., Ltd. (well-known brand of chocolate) and ZALORA Group GmBH (well-known brand of clothing). All of them have a base in Hong Kong but the influence is not limited to Hong Kong but also spread out to the world covering 5 continents, 80 countries and 2 Special Administrative Region(SAR), which mean at least 200,000 female employees are benefit.

4) ROYCE’, a famous chocolate brand in Japan, expressed their full support not only by sponsoring our activity but also announcing a big change in recruitment policy from 2018. They are inspired by Circle Care’s vision and recognized their responsibility to provide a guaranteed work and quality of life for women, therefore, from 2018 onwards, they welcome any women even they have no experience or having child to apply their part-time position. ROYCE’ has outlined a plan to apply this change in policy, first, it will apply to 111 stores in Japan, then it will apply to 20 countries with 219 stores in total.

5) Throughout the series of four activities, we connect more than 300 women in society, they have a chance to experience a balanced and joyful life, including career development, health and hobbies, relationship and contribution to society, which are the key elements in our events and workshops.



1) To encourage more corporates as supporting organization and promote the vision with us
2) To enlarge the scale of the events in order to involve more populations
3) To promote the result of survey to raise awareness of corporates and public
4) Better use of the result of survey

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