Career Planning in Life


Keith Wan


From enero 1 to agosto 5, 2017


Secondary School Students

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas



To promote the concept of Career Planning which raised by HKSAR Government to HK Secondary School Students in order to let them to have the direction their Career life and also JCI Ocean would like to promote every profession can produce its own topmost master.

Visión general

The project takes 8 months in total. For the project, JCI Ocean co-operate with Hong Kong Life Planning Association to achieve our project's purpose that promote the concept of Career Planning to HK Secondary School Students.
We hosted the Career Exhibition on January and we have invited 25 professionals from different sectors to share what their professional was to Secondary School Students. Finally we have around 700 Students to join the exhibition and have 17 media press releases to report the exhibition.
We have invited five schools to make the Micro Film for filming the story the career life of successful heroes in order to let the Students learn how to make the film and getting the experience on how to plan the career life from the successful heroes


Make impact on the society to think of the career planning in life.


Recommend to keep on hosting the similar project to promote the career planning in life.

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