The 9th Long March - FinTech New Century


Keith Wan


From enero 1 to agosto 13, 2017


Secondary School Students


To concern the development of Financial Technology (FinTech) in Hong Kong and provide meaningful report for HKSAR Government to evaluate their Policy about FinTech

Visión general

We made the survey Asia 100 FinTech Index to gather the information about the popularity of Electronic Money, the habit on using Electronic Money and the efficiency of Government Policy on FinTech with 6 cities, i.e. Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Macau, Kaohsiung(Taiwan), Osaka(Japan) and Singapore.
We also host the competition on the Proposal of FinTech for Secondary School Students in Hong Kong and Zhongshan in order to let them to write the proposal to sell their idea on Fintech to the enterprise. During the competition, we would like to enhance the Secondary School Students about the advantages of using FinTech.


Doing the successful survey announcement for the Asia 100 FinTech Index and got 6 media to report on the announcement result


Recommend to make use of the Survey data to evaluate the Fintech of Hong Kong in the future

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