2017 LI.F.E. Programme


Terry (Ka Ying) Chan


From enero 1 to diciembre 31, 2017



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The “LIFE” Program aims to serve the humanity with the professions of JCI Queensway members. The chairman and OCs were professionals in mental health aspects. The “broken part” of the society and the world is becoming pathetic so it should be tackled in professional ways.

Our Project consists of three main events, with collaboration of Psychiatry, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Education and Media, the program was executed to promote and enhance “Listen, Communication and Acceptance” among people.

Visión general

Our project consists of three main elements, which aims to promote the concept of listening, communication and acceptance between children and their parents, and inspire them to have more communication and acceptance with each other.

Li = "Listen, Connect, Accept" for mental health and peace :
The “Listen, Connect, Accept” project is composed of an international
survey, different professional sharings, a communication workshop
and personal reviews on behaviors and emotions.

F = "Fly" for mental health and peace
The “Fly” project consists of a visit to The Government Flying Service (GFS) and a plane flying competition.

E = "Energy" for physical health and peace
The “Energy” project includes a charity running event in Hong Kong and a golf event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Given the success of the LIFE Programme, it becomes a flagship project of JCI Queensway in the coming years. Connection with sponsors, partners and Government Departments were established for future co-operation.

Universal peace must be preceded by national harmony; national harmony, by familial solidarity; and familial solidarity, by personal integrity (修身、齊家、治國、平天下). We inspired and promoted people to achieve inner peace and outer peace (Health) through different professional platforms and thus achieving good personal integrity. Starting with good personal integrity, we cultivated people to learn and use the effective ways to communicate to establish familial solidarity. With
good people and family as units of society, national harmony will not be a dream.


In order to have greater worldwide impact, we will extend the size of oversea collaboration project to include even more countries. Using professional perspective to raise awareness and tackle the physical and mental problems received nearly 100 % good response. Still, we can popularize the professional information and engage more citizens.

Apoye nuestro impacto! Las donaciones nos ayudan a sostener numerosos proyectos nacionales e internacionales que contribuyen a entrenar, desarrollar y sostener cambio positivo alrededor del mundo