From Golf to Partnership, From Hong Kong to Asia


Terry (Ka Ying) Chan


From octubre 1, 2016 to diciembre 31, 2017


Hong Kong Citizens, Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese ------ To create international impact and to broaden members' overseas network with reference to JCI Creed "Brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations".

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To provide an international platform that can empower JC members to create business and networking opportunities.

Visión general

Regarding of the important topic “ONE BELT ONE ROAD INITIATIVE” proposed in the 2016 Policy Address by former Chief Executive, Mr. Leung Chun-ying that can increase the economic relationship between the participating countries, JCI Queensway is wholeheartedly in supporting the policy of the country and has established a pioneer project to increase the business opportunities of several Asian regions. To create and intensify the relationship between the local organization, golf sporting was selected as the initiator.


JCI Queensway and Kuala Lumpur Mandarin have officially signed sisterhood pact agreement during ASPAC Mongolia in June 2017. It is optimistic and looking forward that the project will develop to become a flagship project for JCI Queensway and a series of events are planned for the coming 3 years.


The international interaction can be organized into a larger scale by accessing to other major cities like Penang where many industries and historical sites can be found; and East Malaysia which are famous of its agricultural and fisheries industries.

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