A Different Me 2017


Edward Ng


From marzo 1 to julio 8, 2017


Reduced Inequality

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Reducción de la Desigualidad

Estado de desarrollo

Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


Reduced Inequality

Visión general

“A Different Me” is a cohesive program, which aims to provide opportunities to people with disabilities, volunteers, supporting organization & JCI members to work together on the common goal to bring positive change to the community.


1) Local and Overseas Media coverage

- Different media outlets, such as television, radio and local artist participation, were used to create awareness of this program
- Using social media platforms, Facebook and YouTube, this project has reached over 50,000 views

2) Businesses & Non-Government organizations’ support

- Financial and venue sponsorship from different organizations for all our events confirms the positive impact of this program to our community

3) Disabled and Nondisabled participation

- Participants expressed valuable insights regarding the program, validates the impact this program had in themselves and their respective communities

4) Academic Organizations participation

- The values of this program encouraged numerous participations from varies local elementary and special education schools

5) General Public

- This program received an overwhelming number of applicants from families to participate during our main event day

6) Government Recognition

- The attendance of a government personnel to this program’s main ceremony is a strong measuring tool for the impact of this project


- Pre-training for all participants, Event Angels and helpers would be ideal to improve the efficiency and effect of this project. Training such as, visual and tactile sign language can strengthen the understanding of obstacles some disabled people face. It also provides an opportunity to empower disabled people to demonstrate their skills. More workshops in bakeries would increase confidence of participants during Service Days and the main event day.
- Widening the age range of participants to high school and university students can further penetrate the objective of this project to the community. By including the students ready to enter the workforce, they can understand the necessity of diversity for the society to continue to develop
- Using more social media platforms such as Instagram and blogs to record the event details can expose more levels of community both locally and globally
- Inviting more personnel from the government and varies organizations to the event can demonstrate the wide scope of different people’s abilities. The goal is to increase career opportunities for all and to create workforce diversity
- Creating more activities requiring different skills can bring out the strengths of different disabled people can equip them with new skill sets to broaden their career paths

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