Outstanding Family Business Legacy Selection 2017


Flora Cheung


From mayo 13 to julio 14, 2017


Second Generation in Family Business

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


- to give recognition of outstanding achievements made by family business with management succession through generations. - to encourage the use of practical and effective planning or strategy to ensure successful succession of business by the next generation. - to encourage family business to develop future leaders for the benefit of not only the business itself, but also the related business field in general and the community as a whole.

Visión general

Making a family business a successful family legacy is certainly not an easy task. While each family business, be it a printing company, a construction company or a restaurant, has its own unique issues, there must be some factors that contribute to the successful transfer and succession of business through the generations. Those factors and experience, when shared with others, will be of great values to the business world in general and eventually the community as a whole.


100 people participated to the forum.
3 out of 10 nominee were selected and awarded
50 guests participated to award ceremonty


Overall is good. However more features should add to the project to make more impact.

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