ONE to Save the Earth Reduce Using Paper Towel Movement


Wong Wing Chun


From enero 1 to agosto 14, 2017


Hong Kong People

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➢ Analyzing Community Need
We care our community and identify root cause of social issue, the stake of working people for improving environment, the interaction between “government, corporations and community” on the volunteerism.

➢ Formulating and Planning Sustainable Solution
We develop the sustainable solution to effectively promote environmental protection via contributing expertise to community

➢ Engaging Partners and Take Action
We have engaged strong partnership with Government Social Welfare Department and Environmental Protection Department, leading green partner NGOs like World Green Organization and 350HK, Media like TVB and over 60 corporations and supporting, sponsor organizations to turn our passion into action by launching “Stop Using Paper Towel Movement”.

Visión general

Environmental Protection Department developed Policy Framework on the measures to manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) for 10 years. In March 2017, Hong Kong Government announced that MSW Charging Scheme will be implemented in 2019. JCI Lion Rock started to analyze this issue by applying Active Citizen Framework. With this project, JCI Lion Rock utilize resources and networks to promote ONE to Save the Earth, Reduce Using Paper Tower Movement and empower active citizen to create positive change that improving our environment


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): 
According to Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong 2014 from Environmental Protection Department analyzed method, it separates four disposal sources: Domestic, Commercial, Construction and Industry. Citizen is using Paper Towel dramatically since 2004, the volume has been raised around 6% annually since 2004. Paper Towel would not be recycled, reused or recovered due to hygienic issue. We focus on reducing wasted from sources and replacing Paper Towel.

Formulating Sustainable Solution: 
We introduced 2R, REDUCE and REPLACE to be our principal. We arouse active citizen to Stop Using Paper and provide alternative solution to them. 
➢ REDUCE – change citizen living habit
➢ REPLACE – use cotton towel or handkerchief to dry hand

Add carbon footprint - > Paper Towel Cost Comparsion

1. Arouse Citizen Concern about Wasted from Source:
We held a “Habit of Using Paper Towel Survey” Press Release on 8th May. We invited WGO to do survey analysis. According our survey analysis, around 650 tones Paper Towel are used daily, the 3rd place of MSW in Hong Kong.
Annual Figure:
- Annual used Paper Towel: 20 billion pieces (equal to 2,145 double deck bus)
- Trees “Killed”: 583,321
Media Coverage:
- News and Report: 52 news feeds
- Feature Report: 3 stories
- Citizen Reached: 7 million
The “Habit of Using Paper Towel Survey” Press Release drew wide media coverage. It made impact to citizen concerning our community.
➢ REDUCE to use Paper Towel
➢ REPLACE Paper Towel by handkerchief

Environmental Protection Department echoed our message via BIG WASTER to bring out the Reduce Wasted from Sources.

2. Connecting to Commercial: 
We invited Savills Property Management Company, Hong Kong No.1 property manager, supported this project. We create Sticker Campaign for Commercial Sector. Savills purposed to building owners. The feedback is very good, few listed companies and Hong Kong large developers supported this campaign “Stop Using Paper Towel”. It is being posted in Savills’ managing building, including some grade A commercial buildings and shopping malls.

- Participant: 400 Institutes
- Posted Spot: 5,200 points
3. Collaborating with Commercial: 
Towngas closely collaborated with us. We cooperated a study about Carbon Footprint of Drying Hand Method. We invited Environmental Business Council, a green body in commercial sector, to do this study for Towngas’ headquarter. It stated that the total carbon footprint of hand blower is 70% lower than using Paper Towel and about 15% weight of disposal comes from Paper Towel.
We motivated Towngas not provide Paper Towel in their headquarter.

- Paper Towel Provided: None
- Disposal Weight Decreased: 15%
- Carbon Emission Reduced: 70%

4. Use Handkerchief:
Towngas used our Sticker Campaign logo to make handkerchief as a gift to promote Handkerchief usage to replace Paper Towel to reduce carbon emission.

- Participated citizen: 1,000 students
- Participated institutes: 50+ institutes


Implementing Active Citizen Framework in conducting survey and find the Root Cause. This year, our theme is promoting ONE to Save the Earth Movement. We create and present together with environmental experts Dr. William and Mr. Ringo Mak as project advisors with professional Data Statistic Partners World Green Organization. The survey showed that

We keep encouraging corporate to participate in”ONE to Save the Earth Movement”. Their strong force enables us to initiate more sizeable community project and arouse to community to concern on Stop Using Paper Towel.

1. Pioneer Green Action:
Towngas doesn’t provide Paper Towel in their headquarter due to our cooperating study.

2. Active Citizen:
Active Citizen acts as a role model to demonstrate handkerchief usage to replace Paper Towel. It affects corporates’ director to follow the example and spread this out as a fashion.

3. Experiencing Wasted Procedure:
Visiting Recycle Centre to learn Municipal Solid Wasted (MSW) processing. From 3R concept, REUSE, RECOVER and RECYCLE, to experience solid wasted issue and practicing decompression process.

4. School Education:
Educating student by Love Natural to bring out Stop Using Paper Towel to achieve reduce Wasted from source and replace by handkerchief. Student promised to bring their own Towel (BYOT).

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