“Sailing through the Wisdom” Holistic Skills Development Program


Wong Wing Chun


From enero 1 to agosto 15, 2017


JCI Lion Rock

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


“Holistic Skills Development Program” presented by Leadership Development Area of JCI Lion Rock aims to cultivate the environment for JCI members to transform into well-rounded individuals.

Visión general

Internal and external systematic trainings to be provided include:
- JCI official trainings
- Self-evaluation workshops
- Project management trainings
- Seminars, peer and senior support
- “Sailing through the wisdom” mentorship program coached by business elites


Impact on JCI Members

Internal Impact
1. This year, 8 prospective members joined mentorship program and 5 out of 8 members (over 60%) become Board of Director Candidates of 2018.
2. Leadership Development Vice President, Ringo Chung, will become Director Candidate of NOM of 2018
3. Percy Lee, stepping up to be Master of Ceremonies (“MC”) of various activities and became Chairman of a highly successful Prospective Member Orientation (“PMO”) which recruited 10 PM on-site
4. Gloria Choi, in addition to introduce 大班之戰 to be the mentorship outing activity, will become the Chairman of 2017 AGM of JCI Lion Rock

External Impact
1. Ceci Tsoi, veteran of the mentorship program started her own food and beverage business and gain valuable insight from mentor in the same industry
2. Thomas Wong, President Candidate of JCI Lion Rock in 2018, also start to devote more time to his fitting-out business after direction from past mentors
3. Stephen Wong, JCI Lion Rock President in 2017 cum Chairman of first mentorship program, started his advertising business
4. Stephen Cheng, open the branch in Tsim Sha Tsui of his beauty business after gaining valuable insight from mentor in the same industry
5. Johnson Chen, started his corporate finance business and rejoined the program to gain more advice from mentors
6. Haydn Lee, diversify his business into Environmental, Social and Governance reporting and electro-acoustic products trading after consulting with his mentor whose business is of multi-discipline
7. Fish Leung, Immediate Past President of JCI Lion Rock, started her mediation and bar business and gain advice from mentors in catering industry

Long-term Impact of the Program
-Mentor and mentee gathering after the program
1. Mandy Law become MC of activities of her previous mentor Jacky Kwan
2. Jackie Lam, Winnie Kwan and Kitty Yiu joined the flagship program of Community Development in 2017
3. Rainbow occasionally joined “Book Club” organized by her previous mentor Peter Yuen
-Mentors become the speakers and sponsors of other activities of JCI Lion Rock and JCI HK
1. Our mentor Tommy Chan became the speaker of Change Maker Forum of JCI HK
2. Our mentor Sean Lin became the speaker of June 2017 monthly fellowship gathering of JCI Lion Rock
3. Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited & Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited, which are chaired by our mentors Donald Tse and Jacky Kwan respectively, became sponsors of flagship program of Community Development in 2017


1. We are the first chapter to kickstart the mentorship program, with other chapters follow suit
2. To continue on managing Facebook homepage is created for the mentorship program, extending the impact of the program through social media
3. The mentorship program is helpful in recruiting and retaining members, through raising the “brand equity” of JCI Lion Rock in form of soft marketing
4. The mentorship program is rebranded this year with new logo, further enhance the image of the program

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