Business Symposium: Expanding Your Business Legally Creatively


Wei Jian Tan


agosto 24, 2017



Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


This project aims to inspire economic sustainability through business ownership. This is a full-day, experiential networking and learning event for entrepreneurs and to inspire them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Visión general

The project aims to help attendees reduce the learning curve associated with business ownership, maximize bottom line profits and transform business goals into reality.


This project saw the attendance of 150 business minded people and are able to pull in the state government along with successful businessmen to further assist in achieving our objective. It is very notable that the Organizing Committee are able to invite 5 distinguished speakers from very diverse industries to share their experience and thoughts on current markets to the attendees, all the attendees have benefited from this business symposium. Also, this project is co-organized by two Local Organization which is JCI Tanjung Bunga and JCI United Penang, both Local organization have benefited a lot from this exchange of knowledge and experience in organizing this project.



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