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junio 17, 2017


Being together for peace and being an example of collecting.

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Our goal for peace; to be respectful to people, to their opinions, beliefs and languages, to have the desire and ability to communicate, discuss, express opinions and collaborate with other group members and other members of the community without exceeding the frame of respect. As young people who take volunteerism and solidarity as their principle, we act with the aim of providing the contribution that we have for the peace and peace of the world people with the power that our youth gives us.

Visión general

With Peace Picnics our goal is to contribute to the formation of societies that enjoy and enjoy diversity beyond the societies that tolerate diversity, by encouraging all peoples and all parts of the world to live in peace by showing our common points. JCI has become an exemplary project in terms of our mission and vision, positive impact on society and being a leading global network. Our power comes from JCI, our global conscience, which embraces people, does not hold anyone superior to anyone. At the same time, the world showed great efforts for peace in every aspect of his life; Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mevlana and many other world peacemakers.


Our peace picnic which we continue as sustainable every year is realized with the participation of the Syrian families together with the Refugees Association within the context of peace is possible this year. Our peace picnic was held during the fast-breaking time and we were able to build a large table with the food we prepared at home. The Multicultural Society participated in a picnic with a busload of Syrian families and we had both a good time and a good time together. Entrance fees collected from our guests who participated in the picnic We were presented to the Refugee Association for support to the refugee families and we have provided support to the people who need them.


We started with the Peace Picnic, and then in the Crossroads project we came to the forefront of peace. We appreciate that our project is more developed in refugees and socialized areas. The Refugee Association has 6 floors of social services and Turkish lessons are given there. We shared the fact that they volunteered to give lessons in Turkish and to support the refugees and establish friendships. We want to continue to develop in these areas and take action.

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