Save The World, Start From Water 2.0


Rachel Kristy Lee Yee Thing Lee


From abril 15 to mayo 14, 2017


To increased the level of oxygen in the water and inhabit the growth of algae.

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To clean the water to drinkable level.

Visión general

To throw the mud balls (contains effective microorganism) into the river, which can increased the level of oxygen in the water, inhabit the growth of algae and break down any sludge and slit in the water. 3,000 mud balls been thrown into the river on that day.

Actions Taken

Partner with parents group in the schools and encourage them to join the activities with their children
The mud ball making process is very easy as it only need a few materials that are easy to get. It is very easy to make and the student and parents can practice it on their own whenever they want to.


The black sludge of the river was seen lesser compare to the previous condition before the mud ball treatment.
Parents and the students enjoyed this activity very much and they request us to organize this program with them 3 times a year so that the result will be more effective.


We need to control the size of the mud ball as if the size of the mud ball is too big, it will not be able to dry out accordingly, then the effective microorganism will not be able to grow.

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