a merry x-mas for all (go jul t aille)


Ivar Møst


From octubre 24, 2016 to febrero 16, 2017


The inhabitants of a local shelter (Nordmøre krisesenter)

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1. We wanted to give the inhabitants of the shelter some feeling of comfort and relief from their difficult situation, by giving them som positive experiences like a free movie at the cinema, or a free meal at a restaurant.
2. We wanted to create awareness in the local community about the local shelter, and the struggles the inhabitants face.

Visión general

The inhabitants of the local shelter (Nordmøre krisesenter) are victims of spousal abuse, alcohol abuse etc. and they need a distraction from their sheltered lives. JCI Kristiansund hope to bring them some happiness by giving them gifts in the form of positive experiences outside the shelter.


JCI Kristiansund wanted to help the local shelter (Nordmøre krisesenter). The manger Anne Nilssen told us that the shelter didn't have enough space for physical gifts, and since the inhabitants of the shelter needed some distractions from their dreary situation, we instead offered gifts like a free meal at a restaurant, a movie at the cinema, or a trip to a nearby cirkus. The inhabitans were quite pleased with these gifts, and JCI Kristiansund hope that we gave them some happy moments in their otherwise dreary situations.

Svensson chips: 10 giftcards (1 free meal each)

Caroline cinema: 4 free tickets

Tahitifestivalen (consert): 2 free tickets to any concert.

Cirkus Arnardo: 10 free tickets

Nordmørskafeen AS: giftcard 300 kroner (NOK)https://www.jci.cc/en/projects/7099

Mætt & GO Landhandleri AS: giftcard 500 kroner (NOK)

Havnekontoret AS: 2 giftcards (1 free lunch each)

Fun Park AS: 3 giftcards (200 kroner (NOK) each)

We also created some awareness about the shelter in a local online newspaper (ksu247.no), and also provided our sponsors with some advertisement as thanks for their help.


We need to start the project as early as possible:

1. We need to contact whomever we are helping early, to better understand what they need and how we can provide that need.

2. We need to contact the press early, to get the best possible press coverage about our cause.

3. We need to to contact the sponsors early, to get as much help as possible for our cause.

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