JCI Achieve


Jing Tuang Kueh


mayo 2, 2017


JCI Members & Friends

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Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


The JCI Achieve course uses discussions and analogies to help members understand one’s own values and the values and principles of JCI, the role of all members in establishing the Local Organization’s identity, the activities needed to fulfill the JCI Mission and develop JCI members into active citizens who will create positive change in their communities. JCI Achieve is a half-day course and should be taken by all new members who want to fully understand the principles, meaning, purpose and dynamics of a JCI Local Organization.

Visión general

Members and new members were gathered for JCI Achieve course which is the fundamental block of the organization. Members and prospects get a chance to hear from the trainers on the values of JCI


The event is successfully held in Sisan restaurant and all the participants have better understanding on JCI. The objective of the event is achieved.


The event can be held in a bigger group and a bigger setting and even as a tool for recruiting. Those who understand the values of JCI through JCI Achieve course can better devote their time in JCI to learn and give .

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