Health Academy


Ayşe Öykü Erdoğmuş


From agosto 2 to 16, 2017


Increase awareness of women about breast cancer and be informed about it.

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Awareness has been increased; healthy individuals and healthy society

Visión general

This project is sustainable. In the period when we realized our project; we aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer and to inform women about this issue. In the following stages, we planned not only breast cancer but also diabetes, obesity, hygiene rules that children should obey in school and dental health issues.


During the course of our project, we were able to reach 91 women. and how to train these women to do self-checks at home, where they should have regular breast screening. Dilek Yıldırım became conscious. We have also shown to our feedback that we have carried out an impacting project on the information that the women have referred to healthcare institutions for screening. After this phase, we aim to be healthy and conscious people living in a healthy society by making our project sustainable, and to serve other areas of public health. And Global Goals for Sustainable Development Article 3. 'Healthy Individuals' serve this goal without any projec- tions, within the scope of 'ensuring a healthy life for all people and ensuring everyone's well-being at all ages'.


It is very important that we can sustain our health. For this reason, we must have timely checks on our health and receive information on this issue.

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