Eidak Alena - عيدك علينا


Tawfik Al-Aswad


From junio 21 to 28, 2017


Refugee families in Hama city

Población objetivo


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Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Erradicación de la Pobreza

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Salud y Bienestar


Set up a free market for poor refugee families to buy them clothes for free in a new civilized way

Visión general

In the last week of Ramadan people flock to the market to buy Eid clothes for them and their children so we will create a shopping shop for the poor families who is carrying vouchers for a certain amount (in line with the number of family members) distributed by visiting them in cooperation with juvenile protection association in Hama So that the clothing is distributed in a civilized way as if they are going to the market and choose what suits them from the clothing store, which contains different types of clothing (women - child) with a team of JCI Hama members , who will oversee the distribution of clothing


1- Distribute the clothes before the Eid
2- Distribute the clothes in a civilized way
3- 700 families will be benefited
3- Participate with associations, local vendors and local people
4- Local families will participate by donating new clothes they have that they don't use


Make this project a sustainable project not just for one week
Let local poor people get benefit from this project

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