JCI Marina (Singapore) Bags To School Series 2017


Duke Alvin Lim


From enero 2 to mayo 30, 2017


Impoverish School Students

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Erradicación de la Pobreza

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Educación y Autonomía Económica

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Since 2012, when the we started Bags To School in Cambodia, a joint project between JCI Marina (Singapore) and JCI Phnom Penh (Cambodia) it have grown so much and huge that now it is a National Project in both JCI Philippines and JCI Cambodia. In year 2016 alone 10,096 school bags with supplies were distributed in Philippines through 131 project implementations via 82 Local Chapters. This project is truly a great example of the Active Citizen Framework which JCI advocates, implementation over the past years and reevaluated yearly to see what we can do better. We are proud to say that Bags To School no longer is a simple project whereby we fundraise and provide supplies. We also build libraries, advocate hygiene, provide clean drink water via wells, build canteens, help rebuild and improve their learning environment and all this working towards realizing the UN SDGs mainly #1 No Poverty, #4 Quality Education & #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.


As result of JCI Marina's efforts 2100 students benefited and a handful of people got to know JCI in Singapore, Philippines & Cambodia


To check back with the various stakeholders eg. district head, school headmasters, teachers, students and parents if there is any improvement and is there anything we could do better.

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