Break your Boundaries to find your voice


Deborah Mc Andrew


From enero 10, 2017 to enero 1, 2018


Members, visitors to events

Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas



To give members and visitors at JCI Mayo events the opportunity to practice public speaking in a safe environment

Visión general

At the beginning of the year members expressed that public speaking was one skill they really wanted to develop so it was decided that at every meeting and event there would be time allocated to practicing standing in front of the room and speaking.
At meetings we encouraged members to stand at top of the room to deliver updates of events and projects, at every public event members were given at first short introductions to speakers or delivery of event details, we also held extempore sessions at the end of each event to develop their skills.
We used this as a stepping stone to hosting an event and mc'ing an evening.


Skills developed
Communications were developed between participants and mentors throughout the program, lots of encouragement and guidance to ensure participants were well prepared for their presentations and received constructive feedback afterwards. It was also developed between participants and their audiences both during and after presentations with many connections being made.
Public speaking/Presenting was the whole purpose of the program. To provide opportunities for participants to practice in a safe environment.
Mentors were always on hand to guide members through the process of Speech preparation. Meeting up with participants for sessions, listening to them practice and proof reading before events.
Teamwork was built throughout the program between all participants working together to better the branches members.

Impact on members
Our aim was to make newer members feel more confident when asked to speak in public or in their work/personal lives.
This has been achieved. Charlotte and Munaza have both improved their public speaking skills and have more self belief in the work and personal lives. Charlotte has handed in her notice after 5 years of service to a family to move onto a job where her talents and skills will be recognised and appreciated. Munaza has said she feels more confident to stand up for herself and her opinions in the workplace.
Both of them presented at the JCI Mayo Friendly Business Awards - Munaza mc’ed the full event and Charlotte spoke for a full 7mins in front of a room with over 95 business owners and bank officials.


Going forward both participants have more confidence for public speaking meaning local projects will be run more professionally. They will now become mentors to next year's participants, who will be inspired by their journey and in turn go on to inspire others after their journey on the program.

Changes I would make to improve the results of this project:
A more structured timeline with set mini development goals to achieve.
For example
Month 1: 2 mins update at internal members meeting
Month 2: 4 mins update at internal members meeting
Month 3: 3 mins presentation at public event
Month 4: 3 mins presentation at public event
Month 5: Chair an internal meeting
Month 6: 5 mins presentation at public meeting
Month 7: 10mins presentation at public meeting
Month 8: MC a public event

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