Spotlight on JCI


Dima Aris


From julio 21 to 22, 2017


To shed light on some of JCI aspects related to procedures,constitution and business domain.

Población objetivo


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Educación y Autonomía Económica


Getting JCI Lattakia new members to be oriented with aspects related to JCI Lattakia constitution, general assembly and parliamentary procedures,in addition to some business aspects related to sponsorship proposal and business canvas.

Visión general

The project started on the 21th of July at SCS building with NVP Samer Al-Aswad who presented many valuable points about the kinds of sponsorships and using the business canvas to write proposals . The session lasted for 6 hours. On the 22th of July, all points related to JCI etiquette and protocols were presented by senator Alfred Saade`.The session lasted for 2 hours then many details related to JCI Lattakia constitution ,parliamentary procedures and general assembly were covered for 2 hours by the National Legal Advisor Muhammad Chammout.


New members are now oriented with valuable information about many aspects related to constitution , sponsorship and writing proposals which will contribute to create more effective members inside and outside JCI.


New members should always be taken care of by conducting many activities and projects such as Spotlight on JCI which will help them mingle faster and be more productive inside the organization and their societies.

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