Peace Is Possible, If Together We Are ONE !


Wei Seng Ooi


From julio 29 to septiembre 21, 2017

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1) Create awareness in our community.
2) Empowering young citizen to develop peace within their inner self.
3) Encourage young citizen take action and respect their dignity.

Visión general

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country with a population of about 20 million people who practice various religions. The fact that Malaysia practices mixed religion makes it have a unique Malaysian culture. However, the strength of multi-racial can only be harvested if the country fulfills racial equal rights. For example: racial discrimination. Discrimination develops hatred among different races and there will be no true unity.


We reach the people around 9000 and it still grow since 21st September 2017. I do believe the video can long last the awareness we create rather than event or project . (Attach the result for JCI Iskandar facebook). JCI Iskandar would like to promote a Unity among the Different Races in malaysia. We do believe Peace is possible if Together we are ONE !



We will involve government sector & society in coming year. collaborate with government with sponsorship.

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