Banjo Agaptus Safety Seminar


Laolu Owolabi


From enero 1 to 25, 2017


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On 26th May, 2013 Agaptus Nnadiekwe a cherished member of JCI Lagos City died in a motor accident along the Akure-Ife Express road. He was at that time, the JCI Nigeria Executive Vice President for Area A.

Also involved in the accident was Oyebanjo Okunuga, the JCI Nigeria National President.

The chapter decided to initiate the Banjo/Agaptus Safety Seminar (BASS) in commemoration of their memory and to advocate and promote safety practices

Visión general

Last year, our campaign, in conjunction with the Federal Road Safety Corp was on the use of seat belts whether you sit at the front or back seats in a vehicle. We were able to generate awareness and sensitise the public and presently pushing for the enforcement of same.

This year, we have decided to expand our scope to cover advocacy on Fire safety awareness walk on Saturday 25th February, 2017 and distribute fliers, which will be shared extensively on social media to promote fire safety, seat belt and drink driving safety awareness.


The awareness campaign with members of the JCI, FRSC officials, CAPDAN and other members began from FRSC Unit, Ikeja to Computer Village through Simbiat Abiola and ending at Ikeja Central Motorpark.

President and Members of JCI Lagos City led by JCI Nigeria Executive Vice President, Southwest, Sayo Ojo and JCI Nigeria National Vice President SouthWest District 2, Oluwatoyin Atanda who noted that with the increased incidence of road crashes in the state, there is need to sensitize road users on the use of seat belts as there are still drivers that refuse to use the seat belt, adding that enforcement of the law would follow suit.

JCI Lagos City President, Laolu Owolabi stated at the Central Motorpark that, “we try to get people to comply with the rules and regulations on safety, we have what we call active-citizen framework which requires that in carrying out a project such as this you need to engage the stakeholders, partners, such as government agencies and the community which is why we have partnered with the law enforcement agencies to actualize the vision,”

Also speaking, the FRSC Ikeja unit commander, Emma Fekoya stated that, “as the lead agency in traffic management, we partner with JCI to educate and sensitize the public on the need to obey traffic rules and regulations” adding that “We penalize defaulters to deter them from committing further offences, we also organize mobile court where they are taken to and legal actions are taken accordingly depending on the offender and the state of the offence.”

The Secretary General, CAPDAN, Mr. Jerry Mba commended the initiative which he said would reduce the number of road crashes in the state and promote safer practices.

One of the survivors, in the accident that claimed Banjo and Agaptus, Mr. George Onuma a former Executive Secretary JCI Nigeria commended JCI Lagos City for taking action to make something positive out of a dark day and urged that the project should be sustained and moved to the actual date of 26th May to evoke more impact.

JCI Lagos City distributed fliers, campaign materials, stickers t-shirts to bring the message of safety home and will continue to partner with the relevant agencies to educate and enforce safer practices.

The end result is that there is greater awareness on safety issues and we were able to garner the participation of Government agencies, Civil Society and the Corporate entities to participate.


The Project should continue to run annually and its scope expanded to reach a larger target in the community.

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