Say YES To Breastfeeding


Lorraine Athens, Lee Xing Ang


From enero 1 to agosto 31, 2017


To create positive change, we enhance & protect women rights. Increase woman willingness to breastfeeding

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- To promote JCI Malaysia to public as an organization of young active citizen
- To enhance public towards positive perspective on breastfeeding, and normalize breastfeeding activities in public
- To protect Woman’s right, reduce inequalities (UN SDG 10)
- To encourage breastfeeding in public area anytime, anywhere, gender equality (UN SDG 5)
- To advocate for broader community support and acceptance of breastfeeding woman
- To provide support to parents and parents-to-be to breastfeeding their babies, right from the start of the babies’ life, Good health & well being (UN SDG 3)
- To assist the government agency especially department of health, sustainable cities & comminuties (UN SDG 11)
- To educate local communities on the hygiene factor and importance of breastfeeding apart from cost point of view
- To educate local business entities within the community accept and provide extra attention to mothers who breastfeed in the business premises
- To provide breastfeeding friendly environment in public & private sectors.

Visión general

Many Breastfeeding Mothers have experienced the ups and downs throughout breastfeeding journey, which is natural may not necessarily be easy for many people.

Therefore, we act as Spokesperson for Breastfeeding Mothers. We Promote, Protect & Support Breastfeeding thru our campaigns & activities to create and increase public awareness.

With our efforts, Public Awareness had been raised, JCI United Penang (Malaysia) had successfully increase the community impact. A numbers of Breastfeeding Mothers are very appreciated to JCI United Penang awares their pain points and help them out thru Say Yes To Breastfeeding Project.

We start from “Making Penang State Breastfeeding Friendly” and aim for next “Making Malaysia Breastfeeding Friendly”

Actions Taken

Managed to educate more than 100 pax of JCI Malaysia members on Breastfeeding knowledge. The vision of this project has motivated them became active citizens to promote Say YES To Breastfeeding & JCI Malaysia publicly.
We have motivated more than 80 local government agencies & private sectors had committed to support Breastfeeding Friendly Environments hence most of the private sector had acknowledge their working space as Breastfeeding Friendly Premises.
most of the private sector had acknowledge their working space as Breastfeeding Friendly Premises.
After interviewed with 5 local medias, all of them have agreed to support this sustaining project thru their channel.


JCI UnitedPenang measure the impact throughout conduct interviews with 80 premises which had implement the breastfeeding friendly stickers after the event.

Besides that we had organized 20 surveys and received the feedbacks from the public. Public medias have received a lot of positive feedbacks from the public after published say Yes to breastfeeding event. The media are willing to continue support & promote breastfeeding activities in their channels.

Apart from that, we also measure the impact thru our attendance from our activities. Our 2017 Breastfeeding in Public campaign have achieved the highest attendances in Malaysia.

This project also received a lot of support from our sponsors, NGOs and JCI members especially from other local chapters. We had received a higher number of sponsors (RM30,000) in our events. Penang adventist hospital invited us to participate their breastfeeding event in Gurney Paragon.

JCI Johor Bahru co-organized the breastfeeding activity in Johor Bahru, and JCI Teluk Intan had invited us to become main speaker in their breastfeeding seminar.

Moreover, we also received many invitation from different NGO and private sector to co-organized Breastfeeding seminars in the coming days.

Say YES To Breastfeeding committee had launched Facebook fanspage ( on January 2017 to update all the project organized by JCI United Penang to the public and Say YES To Breastfeeding page had achieve approximately 6,000 followers within 8 months period with total 80 public premises & SMEs had collaborated to become breastfeeding friendly premises. Furthermore with media exposure from 70% of the media in Malaysia had reported Say YESTo Breastfeeding, whereby the local medias having 3.5 million readers (3.5 million equal to population of Uruguay country)


As a long term impactful project, the project committees initiated several post-evaluation with partners and members to improve the outcome and impact of Say YES To Breastfeeding which set as below:

Influence more corporates to have breastfeeding friendly public premises & workplace every 10KM in Penang state and subsequent in Malaysia

Improve the relationship with more UN Agencies

Partnership with sister chapter & friendship pact together with private and governement sector for collaboration

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