British Sign Language Interpreted Training Workshop


Naily Makangu


From junio 4 to septiembre 22, 2017

Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Reducción de la Desigualidad

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


Provide personal development and growth opportunities to those who are deaf or hearing impaired. Encourage JCI Cambridge members to learn sign language.

Visión general

Part of our Deaf Awareness Programme, the purpose of this project is to host a personal development workshop that is inclusive and accessible to young deaf people.

It was identified that the valuable service that young professional groups, such as JCI, offer to young people in the Cambridge area are not available to those with hearing impairments. This project is designed to bring the training benefits of a JCI workshop to the deaf community.

This project presents numerous challenges and learning opportunities for members and potential speakers. The "Building Confidence" workshop, scheduled for the 21st f September 2017, was presented by Colin Chrebelski, JCI Cambridge senator. Colin worked closely with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter whilst delivering the seminar. In addition, a couple of BSL interpreters were booked to interpret the session during the evening.

This project is a pilot. It will help us understand the requirements, cost, challenges, complexities and values associated with putting together signed workshops/seminars. At the end of this project, JCI Cambridge should be in a position to determine how often similar events can be held in the future, either in JCI Cambridge or other chambers within the UK.

Actions Taken

Perform all other duties required to put together a training workshop
Organise a meeting between the speaker and the sign language interpreter ahead of the event
Work with our charities to advertise to the right market
Book a speaker that will be willing to work with a Sign Language Interpreter
Produce marketing video for the workshop. The message should be translated by a Sign Language Interpreter
Find at least two British Sign Language Interpreters for the session


- Offered opportunity to JCI Cambridge members to challenge themselves whilst working on projects. This was a difficult project that was well executed by the team. Despite all the problems encountered, the team managed to remain positive and bring new ideas to keep going forward.

- Hoping that the exposure will encourage the Cambridge community to learn basic sign language.

- The project was self funded. Money was raised at various events throughout the year as part of the "Deaf Awareness Program".

- Good turn out, mixture of members and non-membesr.

- Gained more engagement from members who could see the value of our organisation, the fact that they work on interesting projects and that they can push past their boundaries


- Run at least two workshops with sign language interpreters in 2018.

- Apply for some government funding to support similar projects.

- Review the strategy to advertise to the right market. Also needs to consider ways to allow non-hearing people to let us know that they can't make it to an event that they previously signed up for.

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