JCI Cambodia Public Speaking & Debate Championship


Sok An Pen


From enero 1 to abril 1, 2017


high school and university students and young people aged between 18 - 40

Población objetivo


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Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Educación de Calidad

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


To impact, motivate, inspire young Cambodia to adopt debate and pubic speaking culture to help their future career.
To collaborate with as many organizations both private and public sectors as possible.

Visión general

• 100% increased in contestants with 32 public speakers and 30 debate contestants (10 teams) compared to 2016

• Topics of both debate and public speaking are under Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

• JCI Cambodia Public Speaking and Debating Championship is a national project of JCI Cambodia organized by JCI Cambodia- Chaktomuk.

• This project has been established since 2011, and this year is the 7th time we have been running this impactful project.

• This project receives credible and endless support from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYs) that MoEYs plans to introduce into its curriculum.

• 2017 JCI Cambodia Public Speaking & Debate Championship is held under the honorable presence of His Excellency Dr. Hang Choun Naron, Minister of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYs) at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

• Besides numerous support from Minister of Education, we also had the priviledge to have special cooperation from United Nations in Cambodia; there were delegates from UN in Cambodia participating in the project as members of jury team.

• National Public Speaking and Debating Champions competed in JCI Asia-Pacific Conference Public Speaking and Debating Championships at JCI Area Conference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and we were the champion. Our debate team will be competing in the final round at 2017 JCI World Congress!

• JCI Cambodia is no difference from other JCI members around the world. We advance the belief that debate and public speaking leads to increased critical thinking and tolerance, enhanced cultural exchange and greater academic excellence, as well as an organization that values debate and public speaking as a way to give young people a voice in making positive change.


1. Positive satisfaction from Ministry of Education of Cambodia, United Nations in Cambodia, and participated schools and universities.

2. 7,000,000 targeted participants reached

3. 10 debate teams and 32 public speakers are now better equipped with debate and public speaking skills and understand better the value of teamwork via orientation, preparation, training, research, and practice.

4. More than 100,000 young Cambodian students have been given the opportunity to expose themselves and figure out what they are capable of since the project establishment

5. Cambodian youth especially contestants have developed stronger mindsets about the challenge in life and how to handle it via joining competition itself as contestants or audiences.

5. Debate and public speaking culture has been promoted and raised in Cambodia society. More schools started forming groups and student clubs to help their students practice debate and public speaking after our project.

6. UNSDGs knowledge and awareness has been spread to more than 1,000 direct audiences in the event as well as indirect audiences through not only in a picture of deep discussion and analysis on certain topics, but also through social medias, TVs, and newspapers.

7. Positive relationships between JCI Cambodia and the United Nations in Cambodia were strengthen and is awaiting for more collaborations in JCI Cambodia upcoming projects.

8. We have received feedbacks that JCI Board of Directors, JCI members, and volunteers have enhanced their leaderships by learning to work as a team, to work with responsibility, and to work with integrity

9.One best debate team and one best public speaker have been selected to represent JCI Cambodia to compete in JCI ASPAC Debating and Public Speaking Championship in June 2017.


- NOM should involve more actively in the projects.

- More collaboration from schools and universities should be increased.

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