HACK-IT-ON: Booster


Eman Mifsud


marzo 25, 2017


Potential Members, Current Members, Anyone interested in developing or implementing a business idea

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Because we are trying it

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


JCI Malta ran a one day follow-up, start-up, business event to motivate young people to start their business.

Visión general

Following the success of Hack-It-On: Starting from ZERO, JCI Malta presented Hack-It-On: Booster! This time round, the project served as a check-in to motivate the participants and learn new skills to reach their personal entrepreneurial goals.

Some of the important skills that help actualising a business idea for execution were explored. The skills included:
- Principles of Marketing
- Personal skills required for the first stages of the business
- Introduction to the Lean Start-up Methodology


This follow-up to Hack-It-On: Starting from Zero was a success as participants from the previous bootcamp together with new participants attended this event. The outcome was very good as the participants had the opportunity to learn new knowledge which is very important for their own prospective businesses while they also had the opportunity to network with like minded individuals.


JCI Malta managed to engage 25 participants interested in entrepreneurial ventures with training by six different trainers. Follow-up events are important so as to foster a relationship with current and prospective members in their area of interest.

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