Baithom Baitna


Omar Hanash


From julio 15 to septiembre 8, 2017


Local Community

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Buena Salud

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Renovation of 100 houses by Dec 2018 and ensure substantially substandard owned and inhabited housing for very low income families, through housing improvement, home repair, renovation, sanitation and cleared water, noted that the low income families were selected based on lists submitted by the Ministry of social development and according to the need of these families.

Visión general

w: First phase included the renovation of 6 houses started on 15th Jul 2017 and ended by 7th Sep 2017. The project team were handling, fund raising, operation, observation and follow up with contractors and collected approximately $ 28,000 for this project.

The renovation includes the following:

1. Replace floor.

2. Fixing the ceilings.

3. Filling and painting the walls.

4. New Windows & Doors

5. Electrical Circuits & Lighting

6. Outlets

7. Plumbing

8. Hot Water & Cold Water

9. Waste Water/Soil Stack

10. Air Circulation and Ventilation


Total renovation of 11 houses by the end of this year and making a sustainable plan for this project for the upcoming year. Connecting the public sector and the private sector along with the governmental sector in order to achieve the objectives of this project. Lessons learned has been shred from JCI Amman, and JCI Amman is now having the local and national recognition as the only NGO that is renovating houses in Amman


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