Friendly Business Awards


Eman Mifsud


From febrero 20 to julio 7, 2017


Current members, general public and small to medium enterprises.

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JCI Malta ran the Friendly Business Awards for the first time . The purpose of these awards was to promote small businesses that excel in their particular sectors with respect to their businesses and their clientele’s relationship measured in various ways.

Visión general

The Friendly Business Awards is an innovative business programme wherein we, at JCI Malta, recognised the pivotal role small businesses play in our local community. These awards were set up to recognise businesses that excel in serving the needs of the local community and play a vital role in its development.
On the 7th July 2017, the Friendly Business Award Night was held at the Malta Enterprise Building. Over 25 small businesses from Malta were nominated by the general public for five awards including: customer care, social friendliness, shop layout and design, digital experience and eco-friendliness. Following the nomination phase, an evaluation process led by 5 judges, five businesses were announced winners from the respective category.


A good response was received from the general public and the businesses themselves. From 28 business nominated, 18 businesses were short listed for the awards nights. The majority of the shortlisted businesses attended the event.

The winners in the respective categories were as follows:
● Customer Care: Ayur Veda Organic Wellbeing
● Social Friendliness: Fly the Fly Vintage
● Shop Layout & Design: Temptations Malta
● Digital Experience: Tettiera
● Eco Friendliness: Nextbike Malta

● Overall Friendliest Business: Nextbike Malta


Around 60 people attended the awards night. The majority of the attendees were representing their businesses. It is recommended that for the next edition, pre and post media coverage will be extensive. This will reach more businesses hence reaching more people that JCI can leave an impact on.

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