Lock The Love


Daphne Chiew


agosto 6, 2017

Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Ciudades y Comunidades Sostenibles


To establish a brand new international project that allows JCI SIBU and her 4-Sisterhood Chapters (JCI Seoul Songpa KOREA, JCI Cebu PHILIPPINES, JCI Tu Cheng TAIWAN and JCI Lion Rock HONG KONG) and Brotherhood JCI Tanjung Aru, Sabah, Malaysia jointly organized the project in Sibu, Malaysia and to enhance our relationship among us in the JCI FAMILY.
Besides that, we also aimed to promote SIBU town as tourist attraction, in conjunction with Visit Sibu Year 2017. Various activities had been organized such as LOCK the LOVE, Visit Long House,SIBU Tour and Water Sport on Rajang River (the longest river in Malaysia), with the aim to enhance the tourism industry in SIBU.


As a result, LOCK the LOVE became one of the Landmark and new tourist spot for Sibu. The venue is within easy reach by the general public and attracting visitors to lock with sentimental messages and their names on the lock in symbolic acts of affection. The image of JCI SIBU portray as an organization of young and active citizens, thus contributing to realize the JCI Vision.

The project achieved the economic growth for the local community, increased JCI SPIRIT and IMAGES among the 6 Chapters to the community by receiving positive feedback from wide coverage by the local newspapers, websites, Government agencies, Sponsors, Private Sectors and public.



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