National Cleanup Day


Valeria Lvova


From marzo 23 to septiembre 16, 2017


Our immediate goal was to mobilise 1% of a Maltese population to join in one day to participate and take action in a National Clean Up Day.

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To address the problem of litter and waste all over Maltese Islands. To encourage the nation to change their view and mentality in everyday life habits when it comes to disposing of their waste. To make them more aware how important it is to care for our environment both life on land and life below water and leave a better future behind them for our future generations.

Visión general

JCI Malta was collaborating from the very beginning of the year with another small cleanup group entity. During the cleanups, JCI Malta was participating 3 times a month in the small cleanups and building a community on-site by giving talks and educating adults and kids on ways to recycle, upcycle, reuse to reduce their environmental carbon footprint by using only reusable or recyclable materials such as gloves, bags. Separating each and every item into different bags. Making sure that recycling will be going into recycling and normal waste going to the landfill. Building strong connections and working with people it gave JCI Malta, even more, exposure and led JCI Malta to the big National Cleanup Day. Covering all 73 cleanup sites with more than 53 local councils, 3 spots per council.

Actions Taken

Launch of the Crowdfunding Campaign
Reach out to Local Councils, companies and corporates to take part
Get Published in National Newspapers
Appear in TV Interview
Share Videos of plastic in food chain on Social Media
On the National Cleanup Day JCI Wignacourt had 3 beach clean-ups to prevent plastic going into the sea hand harming our marine life. Such impact was shared on social media
Train each site leader on the separation process, which was then re-shared with attendees on the day. All members of team participated.
Share images and waste management issues on Social Media
Get Leaders & Councils on Board - with cleanup sides all around the islands


Local media coverage was always on the lookout to get us for interviews to gather all of the information about the National Cleanup Day. JCI Malta has been featured more than 13 times in local online newspaper publications. Also been invited numerous times to the most popular radio stations XFM 100.2, 89.7 Bay and TV Shows - Animal Diaries.

We've got huge support through social media outreach. We were engaging and impacting over 31,915 people on Facebook to join us on the National Clean Up Day

We managed to get 55 local councils to participate on the day and provide gloves, bags and skips for the volunteers and also involve themselves and bring their families along and to greet volunteers and educate the public by raising awareness on how to recycle and dispose of waste properly.

National Clean Up started at 9 am and continued till 3 pm with more than 73 cleanup sites all over Malta, with 1,500 volunteers not only adults but also a lot of kids of all ages teamed up together. Collected over 5,264 garbage bags of which 9.2% of glass, 26% of plastic, 50% went into the landfill, aluminium 9.1% and 8.3% other recyclable waste. For Malta being such a tiny country with only 400,000 population, reaching that large amount of participants on the National Cleanup Day day is a big step up compared to other cleanups.

On the day at Selmun Palace in Mellieha JCI Malta organised a press call which was broadcasted live on TVM and Net Tv local Maltese stations together with MEP Dr Miriam Dalli - Committee on the Environment, Public Health, Deo Debattista - Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Valletta 2018 as well as Ramon Deguara from Garby and Tidy the cleansing services.

ZAAR the crowdfunding campaign have teamed up together with JCI Malta to raise funds for the National Cleanup Day with 20 + backers we managed for our voices to be heard and raised 6000 euros to fund the cleanup.


Start planning the event such as National Clean Up or Let's Do It World early. It takes time to get all of the local authorities to respond to your emails and messages and accepting to be working with you and provide the items requested from them.

Plan ahead to purchase the items such as heavy duty gloves, t-shirts, caps for the site leaders, and volunteers best to list them all down including prices and what and how much each item costs and also the quantity to purchase for the day.

Outreach, engage more local NGO's, Youth Organisations, small local businesses, big corporate companies, to sponsor the event or a site and participate on the day. Involve local tv personalities and local celebrities to have more widespread outreach and send a powerful message to people on social media, video campaigns.

A better coordination stations for site leaders to pick up all of the necessary materials for their groups in 3 different localities all over the island provide them with start time and with an online map for them to know where they would have to be on the day.

Have an easy online registration system ready tested and working for all of the participants in order to have more accurate numbers on the day.

Plan press calls and press releases months ahead.

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