Sheikh Khalid Hussain


From marzo 1 to septiembre 25, 2017


The focus was on the underprivileged population who are usually suffering malnutrition from their childhood. Initially we had targeted to the students of high school to train up about Food Nutrition so that they can deliver the same learning to their mothers and convey our massage to their families.

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In order to have lack of knowledge in proper nutrition of family members at underprivileged area JCI Dhaka North had been working towards the fight against hunger through one of their signature project “Nutrition Club”. This year we have run the project as "Annapurnos". This project is targeting the SDG # 2, SDG # 3, SDG # 5 & SDG 11.

Visión general

Each Nutrition Club have operated under the following modality:
- Signing of MoU between BIID and academic institutes (Host Organization)
- Academic institutes assigned faculties as mentors / guide and officially announce the formation of Nutrition Club
- Teachers or alumni have form the Club committee with a BIID representative as Advisor
- Volunteers / Members have been recruited from respective academic institutes, only students ware eligible to join as Member
- Students were worked voluntarily:
They have made the plan for activities and timeline
Submit to the Club committee for approval
Execute / implement the activities
- BIID facilitated and guided Nutrition Club as and when necessary
- The club documented their activities and success stories which have published in Official online publication and press releases.


Nutrition Club (NC) is an initiative of BIID supported by INGENAES/USAID to foster engagement of youth communities such as JCI Dhaka North in nutrition domain. Food Plate was one of the most effective outcomes by SHIKHA project of USAID to reduce under- nutrition among pregnant women. To ensure sustainability of the NCs, BIID –JCI Dhaka North considers launching various activities towards resource mobilization and bundling with social benefits. As an effort on this, through extensive consultation and inputs from experts, BIID plans to introduce the concept of Nutrition Gift Box which will support the pregnant women of the rural communities as well as strengthen the Nutrition Club networks through JCI Dhaka North.


The JCI Mission
To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.
The key words, Development opportunities, Empower young people, Positive change, we can see Nutrition Club is a wonderful project where most members of JCI Dhaka North have worked as a team, using their skills and knowledge in the project, learning to run a project by division of responsibilities, which will ensure them to be better leaders as well as team players. It is a great project through which JCI Dhaka North members have created positive impact in the society.

The JCI Vision
To be the leading global network of young active citizens.
Again if we take the key words, global network and young active citizens, we can see this project plans to ally with several development partners, who are working tirelessly to create a better, improved society working to fulfill the SDG Goals where Bangladesh hopes to lead as an example. And we, young active citizens of JCI Dhaka North hope to lead by making great strides through activities such as Nutrition Club which have not only taught to the target group of peopleto eat nutritious food, also helped the pupil’s family to lead a healthy life, thus building a healthy community. Therefore, through sustainable planning and implementation, we were there to make greater impact on society with the help of global network and practices.

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