S'enraciner à Virton - Put down roots in Virton


Fanny Hogge


febrero 19, 2017


new comers in our town - associations - every age group

Población objetivo


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get the new comers to be welcomed in our town and promote the activities of the city, showing them it is alive !

Visión general

we invited new comers and local associations to meet during a reception, where new-comers would get insights of how the town works, meet local authorities, economic actors, and visit the town.

Actions Taken

contact associations and invite them to the event - get as many people as possible
Invite people from our town to the event and make the event attractive and fun to get people to talk to each other and know what is going on in Virton
organize activities, food, drinks, discovering walking of the city, for the new comers to be welcomed at the event and feel they belong


A few of the present organizations got new members. That is a victory. Also, we got more Likes on our facebook page afterwards the event (at least this is measurable !).
We had good feedback on the day of the event. People were happy to be there and they stayed longer than it was originally organized, which is a good sign they feel good with the project.

Thanks to this event, people know some organizations exist and interact with them.
Moreover, we gave visibility to local artisans who provided local food, and drinks for free, and thus got their names spoken and a little speech about their products.

Concerning the tree canvas, it is then supposed to travel each month this year from one association to the other, reminding people than we are dynamic, we want to share with others, and we want everyone to feel as a part of the town’s life !

Mainly we want people to remember that there are a lot of things to do in our small town and that the region of Gaume is convivial, friendly and welcoming. Thus they can also take part in the different associations, and be economic agents, as well as active citizen at a local level (which is always the most important to start with !)
It is the second edition, and this year we had even more people than the first, which means that people talk, they are enclined by friends to come, thus we hope to reach more people next year.


We could improve our communication, be more active in the local newspapers for example, as well as the social networks.
We could also call the new-comers on the phone, and thus encourage them to come discover the different associations and share a drink. We’ve seen it is often better to talk to people into coming to an event, than waiting for them to come if they only read it somewhere.

We could even invite some of the “old-comers”, as we heard some comments on the fact they regretted not to be invited. It seems that everyone wants to be (re-)rooted to our nice little town !

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