Healthy Future: Zero worm


Mahamud Un Nabi


From enero 1 to diciembre 31, 2017


Zero Worm in Kuril Slum

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Worms in people are quite serious problems. This is because worms eat up all the nutrients that a person is supplied with. The people remains malnourished and the worms become healthy! There are many reasons that can cause the worms in the body. They require immediate attention and should be treated as early as possible. In Bangladesh, many people are living in slum who are living with poor health condition, unhygienic environment and without access to medical attention. Under this situation, children of 6 to 12 years of age and each family of targeted community which is 100 families of Kuril slum received de-worming tablets who are basically underprivileged section of the society. Many families who are in underprivileged community and are not aware of the benefit of good health and hygienic lifestyle, suffer unnecessarily from intestinal worms, but less population reach with de-worming treatment. They left untreated, intestinal worms cause severe disability and sometimes even death. Worm sometimes inhabit in the bloodstream, muscle tissue, brain and the heart and other organs. Based on the context, JCI Dhaka East designed and planned project to deworm 100 families of Kuril Slum by three phases with a pool of Doctors and advisor and will create awareness on how to avoid worm and how to live in a better way to remain free from worms.

Visión general

The post project implementation survey showed a distinct result on the reduction of community people going sick due to get affected by worms. One local community in charge with team has been assigned to work as a deworming ambassador and continuously communicate the JCI Dhaka East Team for any support on Deworming and living healthy life. The evaluation tool is the survey record (Interview and feedback) of the population before the project and after the project situation of the targeted people. Through this, the project success has been measured. The results of evaluation and monitoring for de worming program phase by phase gave an indicator that this project needs to be scaled up and strengthened to enhance the scope in long run.


We Already Declare the Area of Korail Slum where almost 100 families in count 500 of children of 6 to 12 years of age as a Zero De-Worm Zone. We regularly monitor the area as there is no effected child remain.


This work will spread awareness and act as a model to be replicated by other by area building others commitment for deworming, establishing routine deworming days and creating demand from the remaining affected area. As this is very important for the future generation so we must aware the others to create worm free zone. The main purpose of this project to not only worm free zone also make sure for future action towards remain deworm.

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