Knowing The World


Nazia Barkat


From febrero 15, 2017 to enero 31, 2020


jci village children

Población objetivo


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Educación de Calidad

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


we want to focus different segment of the rural society.

Visión general

its a contunuous project and we will be able to make it possible?


• 520 School children will learn about the World and will have basic idea about using and handling modern technology.

• At least 300 of those school children will utilise those knowledge and implement those in their lives to upgrade their economic status thus contributing to the village’s economic growth.


• For better support, the school children should be provided with more computers so that they can spend more time on learning.

• For acquiring comprehensive knowledge on the world around us, the school must have continuing internet connection, those will definitely broaden the horizon of knowledge of those children.

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