Go GREEN We LOVE Earth 废旧物品爱循环 从你我开始1.0


Siu Lan Wong


From mayo 25 to julio 8, 2017


To encourage more people to go green by recycling while raising funds for less fortunate people

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To encourage people to care for the less fortunate people (fund raised) by practising 3Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce) in their daily life (second-hand items)
Donating needed goods and second-hand items to the fire victims.
Selling second-hand items
Collecting and sorting out good second-hand items

Visión general

It was a 2-month project in JCI Mandarin Repok Sarikei which started off with the collection of second-hand items. We received an overwhelming response of second-hand items such as clothes, shoes and handbags from the public. After the collection, we had to spend time in sorting out the items. We only sold items that are still in good condition. The items were sold from the price range of RM2 to RM15 only. The activity of selling the second-hand items was carried out at Sarikei weekend market where our targeted people would be during the weekend. The project was a success as we managed to raise RM500 for the fire victims. We also donated the remaining second-hand items to them as they had lost everything in the fire.


This project is a huge success as JCI Mandarin Repok Sarikei received overwhelming response from the public who gave away lots of second-hand items that are still in good condition. This had increased the selling of the items starting from as low as RM2 and as high as RM15 only. Everything went on smoothly and we had raised a total of RM500 to be donated to the longhouse fire victims


Involving partners like the local district council and local media will help to enhance the selling of the second-hand clothes which will increase the fund collected for the fire victims.

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