Nazia Barkat


From febrero 4, 2017 to enero 31, 2019


- 500 women of JCI Camp - 300 Children of JCI Camp - 200 Male and old residents of JCI Camp

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The objective of this project is to provide the resident of targeted locality i.e. “JCI Camp”, the access to regular health check-up and build health awareness that those underprivileged people would not otherwise receive for their good health and well-being.

Visión general

The residents (Approx. 1000 people) of JCI Camp aka MohammadpurTownhall Camp live a very degrading life in a very unhealthy environment. These people live under poverty line and struggle to meet their basic needs, thus cannot afford to receive regular health check-ups from available expensive heath services for minor health problems, which may lead to severe health problems if left unattended.

The project – U-Checkup, provides these residents the opportunity to check their minor health problems in regular basis, free of cost. Moreover, the doctors involved in this project will also make these people aware of the basic health and hygiene so that these minor health problems can be reduced.


• 1000 residents of JCI Camp have been having regular basic health checkups as well as free medicine to cure minor health problems.

• Monitoring their health enabled us to reduce the number of health related problems those the community people currently facing by making them aware of how to avoid them.

• By end of next year, we are hoping, the basic health problem will be diminished by 80% and the community people will be leading a healthier life than what they are having at present.

• Reduce inequality regarding availing health related services between the JCI Camp community people and the other communities living around them.


• More sponsors should come forward so that the horizon of the health related services can be enhanced.

• Steps need to be taken to better the living condition of this community people since unhealthy living area is a cause of many diseases.

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