Drishty (দৃষ্টি)


Tahmida Islam Nijhum


From abril 8 to septiembre 9, 2017


3 groups of People. The underprivileged children, adult and elderly people

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Buena Salud

Estado de desarrollo

Salud y Bienestar


To ensure good health for the particular old town community

Visión general

Over half a million people in Bangladesh are blind from cataract and the country has one of the highest reported rates of untreated cataract in the world. Due to extreme poverty and a lack of awareness that cataract blindness is preventable and treatable, many people unnecessarily become and remain blind. Diabetes is also an emerging public health problem. It can lead to diabetic retinopathy, an eye disease which causes blindness if left untreated. Currently 1.54 million people in Bangladesh are at risk of diabetes-related blindness. People who are blind are less likely to go to school, work, or live independently. Many more women than men are suffering from avoidable blindness due to issues of gender inequality. When cataract blindness is treatable with straightforward and inexpensive surgery, it’s an injustice that modern eye care is yet to reach so many people in Bangladesh. So many millions of people are blind simply because they live in poverty. Considering the scenario in Bangladesh, JCI Dhaka Heritage will be partnering with eye hospital and will try to provide high quality eye care with free camps introducing several interventions necessary.


• 15 Underprivileged People of the community got better health through healthy eyes, restore eye sights thus eradicated blindness.
• Reduced eye diseases/ avoidable eye blindness help economic development, empowerment and turn population into productive human capital


JCI Dhaka heritage will be ensuring economic development and healthy lives of 50 families, children, adults, elderly members specially women and children, who were suffering from avoidable eye diseases and blindness and help community to aware and make other people aware about how we can avoid blindness and what can be done to live with better eye sight and also ensure eye sight restoration (if possible) through treatment by expert doctors, health care workers and nurses. Heritage Will widen the scope and the partners of the projects and also the promotion as well.

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