Clean Old Dhaka


Tahmida Islam Nijhum


From marzo 2 to octubre 3, 2017


All category of people from Old town community

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To keep the environment and also the lives of old town healthy and safe.

Visión general

Waste management of the hamlet in is one of the biggest problems in Dhaka, where there is a dirty environment created by throwing waste here and there which is great threat for health. So JCI Dhaka Heritage has taken initiative to clean waste for quick disposal of Purana Dhaka. JCI Dhaka heritage has created awareness among old town people for keeping the old town area clean and its importance as well. On the occasion of Holy Eid ul Adha, they have taken the initiative to clean the waste of sacrificial animal with the support of Dhaka south city corporation.


• Two small area of old town community is now much more clean than before, 50 families got better health through this project. Thus help to diminish unhygienic atmosphere from their community.
• People who are aware about waste management also started encouraging others to keep the environment safe and healthy.


JCI Dhaka heritage will be ensuring healthy environment for lives of 500 families, children, adults, elderly members and women who were suffering from avoidable diseases. Also they are helping community to aware and make other people aware about how they can manage and clean waste, what can be done to live with better health. Heritage is working to create more awareness and encouraging more people about waste management, engaging more partners with this projects to create big impact.

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