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From junio 18, 2017 to junio 18, 2107


orphans and their guardian

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1. To share moments of happiness, gaiety and fun with these children; 2. To break the fast whit this chlidren when darkness falls; 3. To see a smile light up their face and warm their heart;

Visión general

Ramadan is known to be the month of generosity, charity, the mutual aid and the compassion. During this crowned month, solidarity and devotion are combined to make multiply the gestures of benevolences.
In this regard, JCI Casablanca organised on Saturday, June 28, a charitable activity named «Ftour Of Happiness » for 70 orphans and their families in collaboration with « The Association of Disabled People in Bouskoura » .
Indeed, the main aim of the project is to provide meals to its beneficiaries. Furthermore, it gave the opportunity for orphans to share moments of pleasure, happiness and joy by organizing entertainment activities as henna, clown and magician show, etc. The beneficiaries also shared a cheery atmosphere with the JCI family via gifts as well as a delicious Ftour afterwards.


*We reached 100 person instead of 70.
*We had much gift in cash and in kind, more than expected.


Look for sponsors two or three month before the event.

Offer this children new clothes for Aid El Fitr.

Apoye nuestro impacto! Las donaciones nos ayudan a sostener numerosos proyectos nacionales e internacionales que contribuyen a entrenar, desarrollar y sostener cambio positivo alrededor del mundo