Tahmida Islam Nijhum


From abril 8 to agosto 29, 2017


Underprivileged to all category of people from Old Dhaka

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The aim of this project is to help the underprivileged to all category of students for building their future better.

Visión general

A developing country like Bangladesh has a large number of underprivileged people who do not even have a roof on their head and food to eat sometimes. In this circumstances, getting know and using latest technologies is a lot further than a dream for them. The Government of Bangladesh is working rapidly towards ICT literacy development. JCI Dhaka Heritage has taken a great initiative to spread the light of ICT among the underprivileged people. JCI Dhaka Heritage has arranged free Basic ICT Training in Old Dhaka area for underprivileged people and few of them got employed too. People, who were bearing the burden of unemployment, JCI brought this program like a golden opportunity to develop their skill and capability to change their life. They begin to dream to use the latest technology and work on ICT sectors. This doesn`t only bring good fortune for them but also for their family and society.


• 25 Underprivileged young lives of the old town community got better scope to enhance their skill through ICT Training thus help to diminish unemployment problem and poverty from their community.
• Among them 15 young people got employed and started developing their life.
• The people who got the ICT training also started encouraging others to make their future better through ICT.


Proyash is the signature project of JCI Dhaka Heritage. Heritage is working to widen the opportunities for the young people of old town through ICT Training and Development. Also more partners will be engaged in this project in near future.

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