JCI Bursa - Bursa City Council Handicapped Assembly - Debating & Public Speaking Training


Rony Moulla Mohamed


marzo 11, 2017


To develop debating & public speaking competencies of handicapped people in order to make better & strong communication in society.

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


Debating & Public Speaking skills keeps people strong on personal and professional life.JCI know how gives us this precious chance to develop ourselves.And we want to share this great development opportunities with handicapped people to help them to overcome communication barriers that could be possibly faced.

Visión general

One full day public speaking and debating training was made with participation of handicapped people and JCI Bursa members. Mixed debating groups were created and 2 debates has been held.After training, on May,June and July, 3 different sessions has been done with participation JCI Bursa members and Handicapped Assembly members


3 times Debating meetings has been done with co-operation of JCI Bursa and Handicapped Assembly.
Debating trainkng has been planned for 2018 agenda of Bursa City Council Handicapped Assembly with partnership of JCI Bursa.
5 candidate member and 1 member is gained after these events.


In addition to handicapped people, different parties who faced with discrimanation about their differences should be informed on debating competencies in order to stat strong on community.
As JCI Bursa,in order to support society's sustainable development, we aim to reach much more people via debating trainings.

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