Peace is Possible in the EU


Tudor Nedelcu


From abril 24 to mayo 27, 2017

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Paz y Justicia

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Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


To raise awareness about the decision-making process of the EU.To plead for peace. To develop the participant’s public speaking and debating abilities. To help the participants learn theoretical and practical information about the EU. To develop and polish the English speaking skills of the participants.


The participants expressed their willingness to participate in the future to similar events, and debating sessions. They also thought the event helped them practice public speaking and speaking skills in English. The feedback forms present that everyone considered the participants as being useful for their personal development. All participants were informed about the Promoters for European democracy project and the Peace is Possible project organized at a world level by JCI.


The participants where between the age of 14 and 18, so a suggestion will be to take in consideration subscribing more mature participants so that they may debate more realistic terms.

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