JCI City Plus - Natural Calamity Disaster Recovery Programme: Phase 1


Tasweena Girdhari


From julio 1 to octubre 14, 2017


Inhabitants of Ste Croix, My Coaching Crew (MCC), Charles Telfair Institute (CTI), Group of Volunteers, JCI City Plus Members

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Lucha Contra el Cambio Climático

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It aims at getting the attention of our audience by making them aware of climate change.
One hour training - Questionnaire administration in social research

Visión general

The first phase of the Natural Disaster Recovery Programme took place on Saturday, 30 September 2017. Our tagline is "PARER NU CLIMAT P CHANGER!". At this stage a data collection has been undertaken to better understand the community needs at St Croix. It was done through a survey, questionnaire-based, with a sample size of 60 households, representative of the community under investigation. That has enabled us to analyse their requirements in case of natural calamities and the resulting support will enfold after this. There was also a 1 hour training carried out by Project Director Alisha Hingun before the fieldwork - it was on questionnaire administration in social research.

Our partners was My Coaching Crew (MCC) and the Charles Telfair Institute (CTI).


The survey was carried out and we got a good response from the inhabitants of Ste Croix. All those who collected data came with some feedback; They went with one problem but came back with 5 different problems faced by the local community.
As such, the survey taking has been a good thing to take into consideration which root cause should be addressed first and foremost.
The training was also very much welcomed by the audience. It has been a very productive half day.


The Phase 1 has been carried out. The questionnaire will give us very good data to be analysed. After analysis, we'll move to Phase 2.
The local community faces many challenges such as lack of recreational activities for its inhabitants. As such, very often they resort to drug activities which is bad for the community.
Today, we've a local community where we can implement many projects to address the root causes. The team together with our partners and the representatives of the local community will have to sit down and devise strategies on to how to address the pressing issues.

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