La foire Travay


Philip Changko


From enero 26 to septiembre 30, 2017


unemployed people age 16-35 of cite barkly

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Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


The aim of the job fair is to combat unemployment and poverty in the region of Barkly. The unemployment situation also leaves certain inhabitants to resort to selling drugs to make ends meet or to have drug abuse during tthe time they spendd. The job fair also aims to bring the jobs to thses inhabitants and change the perception of these companies towards barkly.

Visión general

The region of Barkly has a negative perception in the eyes of society with many social ills present such as drug trae and the high rate of unemployment at 14% wwith around 400 persons being unemployed between the ages of 16-35 years old. The majority of these people are early school dropouts or people struggling to find jobs because of the bad image which residence barkly has.


The job fair was a success with over 175 people attending the job fair and over 100 people given the opportunity to get a job. There were also people from other areas such as Rose-hill who came in search of jobs. People in search of jobs especially manual jobs were able to get a job.


To have a higher attendance rate it would be recommended to have the marketing at least two months prior to attract a wider audience and also to have a good sound system attract people.

Another recommendation would be to invite the mayor and ministry of youth and sports to have them participating in the event.

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