JCI City Plus - Effective Leadership Training


Tasweena Girdhari


junio 24, 2017


JCI City Plus Members, Senators, Aspiring Members, Members of other Local Organisations, General Public

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


To learn the skills set required to be an impactful leader and also help you in your pathway to be a JCI Trainer.

Visión general

JCI City Plus with the support of NTI has organised an Effective Leadership Training on Saturday, 24 June 2017. It is part of the "Empower a young person, Empower a generation" series.
We also had a wonderful guest speaker in the name of Mr Nandish Torul who talked about personal development. We had a very interactive session and the audience welcomed that type of training.
The Effective Leadership module was carried out by the 2017 JCI Mauritius National President Asha Auckloo and Deputy National President Roumesh Oomah.


The half day training has been a success. We got around 35 attendees. The Effective Leadership training was very interactive and the audience responded positively to the discussion part.
For the Guest Speaker intervention, the audience really appreciated the speaker himself and the content presented to them. After this session, the audience was very keen to discuss with the speaker and they even suggested having another session in the near future with the guest speaker.


More of such training should be organised for the members. Having a guest speaker or keynote speaker is very much welcomed by the participants.

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